Top 5 7GenGamesTV Videos

If you’re not watching our ¬†7 Generation Games TV YouTube account, you’re missing out! You can find videos of behind-the-scenes and the daily life of our office. If you have’t dedicated at least 10 minutes to our channel, which you should because what human being ISN’T on the internet nowadays, then you should do so right now. Yes, we sell AWESOME games that make you smarter and we do so with our AWESOME team. In our videos, you get to see more of us and what happens as we’re making these awesome games.

Most lists start bottom to top. Since this is a TOP 5 videos list, I’ll begin with….

#5 Push Ups for Brains

Remember that ugly brain t-shirt that Maria vehemently opposed to? AnnMaria defends the not-so-good-looking brain as the muscle you exercise when you play our games. You want the muscle to get stronger and better, you make that happen by playing our games. It’s simple. You play our games, you get a big muscular brain… Well you at least¬†get smarter. *This video also start the unicorn pooping cupcakes hashtag and caused future pranks and battles.*

#4 Unicorn Prank

Like I said, Maria was fed up about the brains and got her feel-good revenge by having Diana decorate our new office with unicorns and rainbows everywhere. AnnMaria’s least favorite was the unicorn that had sparkles. Apparently, no sparkles for AnnMaria. Don’t do it. And we can’t forget her end quote, “I will have my revenge when you are least expecting it”.

#3 Revenge, Part I 

AnnMaria loves to say Maria is boring. The typical mother-daughter love relationship couldn’t be more hilarious than it is with these two awesome women. AnnMaria tells me Maria’s fear… if you want to find out, then watch the video yourself. Who knows, maybe there’s a plot being hatched for¬†the future? I can’t tell you for sure – because I have no idea – but you should subscribe to our page to see if does happen, when it actually happens.

#2¬†Don’t Pretend To Be Perfect

This video is straight-up awesome. AnnMaria talks about quitting trying to be perfect because no one likes “perfect people”. There is no such thing as perfect!

#1 No Death Matches! 

During our first Facebook live event, AnnMaria and Irma the Intern (me) suggested a judo match to bring more views to our channel. However, there are some rules regarding coworkers and death matches. I am still recovering from this rule. All I wanted was to fight the world champion, but perhaps in another life or when I am not a yellow belt. Regardless, a hilarious video of AnnMaria with a glass of wine, and Maria (with a rare, although off-camera Dennis) making more rules for the benefit of 7 Generation Games.

In honestly, all of our videos are awesome, so check them out! Subscribe to our page and follow us on the go!

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