Tourist Visa Amazeballs^2

We are the mid point of the week again and for some it means that the weekend is coming up and you get to take time off work. Yay for you! Here at 7 generation games there are a few who don’t get a weekend off because we are making¬†every effort to provide the best games, website and support to all of you. Don’t get us wrong, we love what we do and we love providing all of you with the best.





Did anyone have a hard time understanding the title of the post? Well if you did, any math problem that may have ^ plus a number is to the “power” of that number. In the title it is meant to say “Amazeballs^2 / to the power of 2 or Amazeballs squared”



Today we are appraising those of you who are part of our tourist visa program who have continued to provide over the top work! Those participants are the ones who we call Amazeballs^2 ! Your teamwork is truly impressive.

Nico continues to provide exceptionally detailed feedback along with great ideas and suggestions for us. He does more than is asked of him and we are amazed by all of his hard work.

Zora is on top of the game, she has provided many links that have not been properly working and thanks to her we can fix issues for the rest of our visitors.

Joshua brought to our attention a very important issue with our Powerpoint presentations that were being sent out to teachers around the same time of his report. He has also provided very helpful feedback on our mini games.

Again, all of the participants in the tourist visa program have been amazingly helpful. You all provide us with issues that we oversee at times and we couldn’t keep improving our products and sites without you! We are beyond lucky to have such support from you.

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