Welcome to the Bozeman Trail

Welcome to the Bozeman Trail! We’re excited to share this game with everyone. A really cool fact about the Bozeman Trail game is that it comes from an existing board game by Elephanta Education.

Working on the Bozeman Trail game was very exciting because of the fact mentioned above, it was already an existing board game. It’s always fun to be able to take existing curriculum, be it a board game, book or lessons, and be able to create something “new”. If not entirely new, at least a new digital version of the content that was already being used in classrooms. Creating the digital versions of existing curriculum is always a welcomed challenge because we’re tasked with breathing new life into content that’s already in use and works. So we want to make sure to be able to capture everything that already works in the original material and have it translate over into the digital version, that way it then can reach even more students and classrooms.

For me, personally, it’s always great to be able to work on turning existing curriculum into a digital educational game because it’s an opportunity to get a refresher course on the material that we’re working on. Honestly, sometimes it even serves as an opportunity to learn something completely new that I may have not been taught, or taught accurately, in grade school. So it was definitely fascinating working with Tory, from Elephanta Education, on translating the board game into a digital online version. Being able to discuss the history of the Westward Expansion now as an adult, while working on the games, does give you a different perspective and appreciation for history that maybe you didn’t have as a child. That’s what the Bozeman Trail board game, and now online version, aims to do – give you a “bird’s eye view” of the history of the Westward Expansion through the five perspectives of the people who lived it. So check out the game below!

From board game to online interactive game. The Bozeman Trail is part of the BRAVE series. Because it takes courage to get into the game. Play today! 


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