What do you do after you’ve dramatically improved your game?

We’ve spent months improving the artwork, educational resources and videos in Fish Lake. We released it on Steam on Friday and had two gamers stream it on Twitch in the first four days.

What do we do next?

Improve it more.

Watching Jessamyn and Shayna play made obvious some additional improvements we’d like to make. First, there was the level five ‘intermission game’ which comes between levels.

Old boring level




I’m working on fixing up two mini-games, one made with impact and the other written in plain JavaScript.

Jonah is working on additional sound effects and music tracks.

Maria and Luis are working on fleshing out the story line with assists from our animator, Tati, and more than special guest artist, Stephen Gladue.

I’m heading back to work now, but check out Fish Lake for yourself or order as a gift here. Updates are free for life (our lives or your life, whichever goes first).








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