Mother’s Day Is Tomorrow?!

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My mother and me. She wants 7 Generation Games donated in her honor for Mother’s Day! She bets your mom would love it too.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. And if you’re like me, you may have found yourself thinking this morning “Oh my god, I need to get my mom something amazing that says ‘I love you’ and ‘thanks for giving birth to me’ and ‘thanks for not killing me during those horrible teenage years.'” It turns out there is not actually a card at the drugstore that says that – so what do you do now? (For those TLDR folks: You should donate a game for a student or a classroom or a school in her honor. Use code: MD10 for 10% off.)

Look, I’m not judging you. Maybe you meant to get your mom a gift – and it was only last night that you realized that Mother’s Day was in 36 hours. Honestly, with my kids, I often feel like the hours between when they get home and bedtime are in slow motion, but at the same time, I blink my eyes and it’s like, “Wait, how is it May already?”

Mary being crowned

Angelic Mary

Maybe you realized that Mother’s Day was the horizon and told yourself you’d get your mom something by the end of the week, then on Thursday, you realized you had to buy something for your daughter who came home super excited on Wednesday night having been chosen to be Mary for her Catholic school’s crowning of Mary – but that it’s BYO Mary costume and you need to buy a light blue scarf between meetings.

Dancing at school brunch

Mother’s Day Brunch

Then on Friday, you have to go to the said Mary crowning, followed by a conference call in your car, followed by a Mother’s Day brunch at your other kid’s school, then cramming in another call and trying to bust out a blog before running your kids to dance class and realizing that the oldest one has been limping all week because she hurt her foot on Monday and now it’s Friday and you call the doctor to get reassurance that it’s probably not broken, only the doctor says you should take her to the ER for X-rays, then the ER doctor says they can’t tell from the X-ray, so they’re going to cast her up for a week and have you come back for another set of X-rays- meaning you leave the hospital with your kid in a cast, but no real idea of if her foot is broken and suddenly it’s 7 p.m. and you have to put your baby to bed and your blog is still not done and sure haven’t gotten a Mother’s Day gift for your mother.


It certainly looks like it’s broken here.

Not only that, but you’re now questioning the sanity of anyone who opts to be a mother – especially yourself. (Or maybe that was just my Friday, but the point is, just when you think you maybe have a handle on this whole parenting thing and juggling life, the universe throws you another ball.) Either way, you still need a Mother’s Day gift. [If you just want to buy one of our games out of pity for me, I’m OK with that too.]

And if your mom lives far away like mine used (well, I guess we lived far away because we moved to Boston, and my mom has been in the same apartment for the last 19 years), it’s worse because by the time you’re reading this blog, you definitely don’t have time to get her anything tangible – unless she lives in an Amazon Same-Day delivery area and even then the selection of things you can have delivered by EOD today are going to be limited. Sure you could spend a bunch of cash on last-minute flower delivery or an Edible Arrangement (those things actually are pretty awesome because unlike flowers you can eat them), but then you know one of your other siblings always sends flowers and she probably sent chocolate covered strawberries too.

Messy play area

Does it look like we need anymore random things in my house?

Which brings us back to the real issue of getting your mom something for Mother’s Day. This is the thing that I’ve found about becoming a grown up – if there’s something I really want or need, I already have it. In fact, what I’d like is less junk cluttering up my house. I know my mom feels the same way.

A couple of years ago at Christmas, we came up with the idea of donating games as a gift. It seemed like a real win-win. You get something for your mom (or whoever you need to buy a gift for but who already has anything they could want). You prove yourself to be a considerate gift-giving genius. And kids from high-need, low-income schools who could really benefit from our games get them. Seriously, I would get this for my mom even if we hadn’t founded the company.

Now, maybe you managed to have your act together enough to get your mom a gift weeks ago. (If that’s the case, I’m guessing you’ve stumbled across the blog as some kind of anthropological research as to how the other half lives or something.) If that’s the case, you still have time to get her an additional gift on top of the amazing one I’m sure you’ve already gotten her: Donate a game for a student or a classroom or a school in her honor. Use code: TENOFF for 10% off.

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