What’s in a name? Apparently not llamas 1

The name 7 Generation Games means something significant and has its roots on the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation where our original game, Spirit Lake, was developed and tested.

sunset over Spirit Lake

Sunset over Devils Lake

However, that doesn’t really translate to Latin America.  So, we thought we’d try to find a name more in keeping with the local culture. It did not go so well.

Plaza de las Armas

Plaza de las Armas, Santiago

First, I called on my brilliant and beautiful family (big mistake) ….

Maria: 7 Llamas Videojuegos. 7 Alpacas Games

Me: We need a new name for the company. Between children, stepchildren and husbands there are 15 of us (not counting Ellie, who can’t talk). I expect 13 more name suggestions from you people. Maria already gave two. No, you can’t take hers. Has to make sense in Chile. You have until Monday. Go!

Dennis: 7 Llamas would be too many for a logo. How about 3?

Maria: We’re 7 Generation Games

Dennis: Chinchillas are native to Peru. Why not 7 Chinchillas?

Ronda: I love chinchillas! They’re so soft!

Dennis: 14 Chinchillas. (They live in herds and 14 is twice as good as 7).

Jennifer: 4 Chinchillas and 3 llamas

Maria: It will only be 7. I am open to chinchillas. Also, llamas are known as being smart animals.

Jennifer: It adds up to 7.

Maria. No. It will only be 7. That’s not up for debate.

Jennifer: 2 Alpacas 3 Llamas and 2 Chinchillas Games

Maria:  I don’t think chinchillas are that smart.

Jennifer: 2 Alpacas 3 Llamas and 2 Stupid Chinchillas Games

This was followed by various members using Wikipedia to advocate for their names

Dennis: Chinchillas: “They are agile jumpers and can jump up to 6 ft “ (Wikipedia). Can llamas jump 6 feet? I’m grateful guinea pigs can’t jump six feet.

chinchilla and guinea pig

Sparkles the Chinchilla and Patti and Lynnie, the guinea pigs

Maria:  “There is more to llamas than long eyelashes and a smug expression. They are surprisingly smart, friendly, and quirky. … Llamas make excellent guards for herds of small animals. … When one llama has an issue with another llama, it will stick its tongue out to express its displeasure.”

Dennis: OK, that tips the scales for 7 llamas

Me:  Vlak (our designer) said he could do a llama with flames (also llamas in Spanish )

Maria: We’re not doing a llama with flames – that would scare small children. I don’t support setting animals on fire.

Then they got tired of discussing the names …

Jennifer: Ronda, I insist that you put a tiny pair of pants on at least one of your chickens!

Maria : I second !

(If you would like an entire book of our family texts and you missed getting it by backing us on Kickstarter, you can sponsor a classroom or school and we’ll send you a link to download the cleverly named Family Textbook. Plus, you will be helping out 30 kids.)

So you might think we went with 7 Llamas Games but you’d be wrong

After we had this discussion, I ran the name past my colleagues at Start-up Chile, a multi-national group who are always willing to give their honest opinions, from Coto “Spanish-isn’t-your-first-language-is-it” Augosto to Juan Eduardo “Llamas suck” Leal.

For more naming discussion and llama facts — to be continued...

Fish Lake

While you’re waiting  — GET FISH LAKE – learn fractions, canoe the rapids


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One thought on “What’s in a name? Apparently not llamas

  • Rodrigo Vergara

    Hello AnnMaria,
    Personal opinion: I believe in general Chilean people like names in English, even though they don’t speak it, or acronyms. just look around: transbank, ok market, tbanc, bci, vtr, entel, codelco…
    Since the name means something to you, don’t change it, “Chilenizalo”
    For instance: SGG (s-eh-he-he)

    My grain of salt,