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We have an opening for an intern. This is a paid part-time position and I would like to see some women apply. The last three permanent employees we hired in this company have been men, and two of our three co-founders are women, so we are hardly unfriendly to women in tech.

We get a lot of applications for these internships, almost all of them from men.

One statistic often cited is that women only apply for jobs if they meet 100% of the posted qualifications, while men will apply if they meet 60%

So, yes, we reject more male applicants but since we get so many more male applicants the odds are in their favor (as a gender).

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When I have discussions with women – of any age and level of experience – I am frequently surprised by their reluctance to put themselves at risk of rejection. We’re a startup pitching to investors. Rejection is part of our daily life. So, too, is progress and development.

Maybe you will apply to us and not get the job, either because we had someone more qualified or just because you were not a fit for what we needed at this moment. Isn’t that contradictory to what I just said? Why would you apply if you were not a fit?

Because you don’t know that you don’t fit!  You may fit with 70% of what we need but some of your skills are SO good that we are willing to teach you the other 30% . The worst thing that will happen is that you don’t get the job,  you will get some experience applying and you will be on our radar for other positions we or our friends might have.

Take a look at our job announcement. If you are in your senior year of college, you should really be thinking about internships right now and this one is paid, part-time so it is perfect for you.

What about if you are not in college? For the love of God, did you not just read this blog?


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4 thoughts on “Women in Tech: Invite yourself to the dance!

  • Elaine

    This is a great blog! I love that you have this available with women college students in mind! I agree as a woman I deal with fear of rejection. I am not applying on this application, ironically enough, because I live in deep east Texas, and I would have to save up and move to a new state. I would totally apply for scanning in art from satellite office though. I know if I lived in Santa Monica area, I would totally jump on applying for this internship! Even not being in college. this is indeed a once in a lifetime experience! The pay scale is awesome!

  • Elaine

    I was thinking you could send someone to put some flyers out on the local community college bulletin boards. All you would need to do is get approval from the college office.