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Want to work with us? That’s a rhetorical question. Of course, you do. Now, here’s your chance. We’re looking for a paid intern who can commit to roughly 20 hours a week.

Our basic pre-requisites:

  • You have to be reliable. Moreover, you need to understand that deadlines are absolutely paramount.
  • You have to be able to work independently/without extensive supervision.
  • We expect you to give your full effort to assigned projects/tasks.
  • You have to be able to work in Santa Monica.

Here’s our official internship listing:

7 Generation Games, an educational video game startup, is looking for a reliable and motivated intern to work 20 hours per week. This is a PAID internship at $12/hour.

Position would start ASAP. We’re ideally looking for someone to commit through January, 2016, but flexibility (longer or shorter term) if the candidate is the right fit.

Intern will work on-site in Santa Monica.

This is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience in a thriving – and rapidly growing –startup. We’re at the launch stage, and we have funding.

While we’re flexible, we’re looking for someone who is able to commit (to a set schedule) and who is willing to work hard. The work you will doing is largely not very glamorous, but you will learn a lot. Also, as we mentioned before, you’ll get paid, so we expect you to treat this experience as a job.

We’re willing to take interns from pretty much any field – but this internship will likely best be a fit for someone who is interested in one of the following areas: education (our games focus on middle school level math), computer science, game design, entrepreneurship or marketing. Those skills sets align with the two biggest projects we’re working on in the coming months.

Experience with social media is a plus, but not a make-or-break.

If you would like this internship for credit, we can work with you to set that up as well. (And we’ll still pay you.)

FYI, please check out our website before you apply so you know a bit about our company. (

Please email resume and briefly explain (300 words or less) in the body of the email why you would be a fit for this position at 7 Generation Games to Maria Burns Ortiz at No phone calls please.

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5 thoughts on “Work by the beach making games: Paid internship

  • Lily Ginnish-Lavalley

    Hi there. I am willing to take the paid internship – I am trying to get an educational game launched on Xbox One (at minimum – I want to do other consoles) for someone else (year-long or longer project) – they are Atlantic First Nations Help desk. Unfortunately I live in Canada so there is no way to get to your location – I can do telework for you (I love using dropbox) just as I have with them over the summer and can go above and beyond that – I am still working on that Xbox One project – as they are non-profit this is through my own initiative (I am even helped them see their vision in 3d instead of mobile by talking with them – now I am working with the project the full-year because I feel that our brand of media needs to get out more). Now I can’t tell you what that project is as I have signed an NDA with Xbox one but I am willing to make a project just like this one for you. I am an expert in unity and 3d model, code and have the resources unity asset store could get me. I can maybe attempt to help launch a game on a console – including the Xbox one – depends on what project you want me to do – anyway if you like to see some samples of recent work and reference please consider contacting me (by the way one of my games made it onto imagineNATIVE). Keeping an open-mind on the telework could be beneficial in the long-run – you could have more applicants fill your position like myself…I also have expertise in blender and gimp (3ds max too if you can provide a years subscription). I can make your visions come true. All my projects are high-quality and can put some zest into your games. It would help me immensely if I could get paid. I am a sole proprietor for my business (Aw’tij Sisuei (Trail Blazer) Digital Media – who’s business name and email I registered a month ago) and I am still a student (took programming for 2 years, graduated, now in 3d modeling for games in my final year (2 year program)) but can work from home up to 45/hrs week because I am timely with getting my assignments in. I can work over the Christmas holidays too so that is another perk as well – if you want to start earlier than January be my guest. The sooner I know what project you want the better – Lily

  • AnnMaria De Mars Post author

    Hi Lily –

    We are not opposed to telecommuting in general, and three of our artists/ animators work remotely, but for this particular position we need someone on site because some of the work is plain office work – mailing out teacher gift packs, for example, or making flash drives for schools that we are going to go visit the next day.

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