World Premiere of Making Camp!

Two years ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Expendables 3 world premiere. My sister was the female lead, and she had brought our fab five (four sisters plus our mom) to the red carpet event at Hollywood’s historic Chinese Theater. It was a very glitzy all-star celebration.

The world premiere I had the joy of attending today was absolutely nothing like the Expendables debut. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t amazing. (In fact, don’t tell Ronda, but – just between me, you and the entire Internet – I liked the one I just attended in Flagstaff even more!)

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.24.59 PMAt the Native Innovation Education Technology Conference, I had the chance to publicly introduce our newest game by 7 Generation Games – Making Camp. It is our first mobile/tablet compatible app. In other words, a game that runs on Mac, PC, Chromebook, Android and iOS. It’s a game that up until about a month ago wasn’t even on our development calendar. And it’s a testament to how amazing our team at 7 Generation Games is.

First of all, when we broached everyone about the idea of getting an app done in a matter of three weeks that would be show-ready. I’m not talking software development smoke and mirrors “if I click this button and then this one then nothing will go wrong” ready. No I mean “we’re putting this app in the hands of hundreds of educators and letting them play it” ready. And they said, “We can do it.” Then we did. You can see for yourselves by going here.

The official commercial launch of Making Camp, which will have additional levels and retail for $0.99, will be in the coming weeks. The game will be available through our current buy page as well as available in the Apple App and Google Play stores as well.

I was incredibly excited to debut Making Camp with the attendees at NII2016, and I’m incredibly excited to share here with you.

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