Freebie Friday: Play The Demos

Happy Freebie Friday!

For many families, Summer Break starts this weekend as school’s out for summer! We know you parents will look for ways to keep your kids entertained, while keeping their brains engaged. 7 Generation Games has you covered. Our games are the perfect solution to educate kids through adventure gaming.

Here’s your chance to try our games for FREE!!! We are offering Demos for: Spirit Lake and Fish Lake. This allows you the opportunity to test out and enjoy the games before you buy. Parents, let your children try the games as well. Don’t wait. Play now:


Spirit Lake teaches multiplication and division and Dakota culture. Save your tribe from attacks and a spreading epidemic. Escape rabid wolves. Hunt buffalo. Math has never been this fun. Grades 3 +.

Buffalo from Spirit Lake Game

Fish Lake teaches fractions and Ojibwe culture. Watch out for poisonous snakes! Make your way down the rapids. Find enough food for your village’s survival. Who knew you could get this excited about fractions? Grades 4 +.


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