Let’s be honest. Few people besides math teachers remember which one is the dividend and which is the divisor. While many of us use strategies for problem-solving, we probably haven’t really thought about those since, oh, say the fifth grade or so. Making Camp Ojibwe and Making Camp Bilingual include math videos that target two areas teachers and parents told us are often a struggle for students; math terms and problem-solving strategies.

Click the link below to check out all of the videos in order, or scroll down for a table of topics, in Spanish and English



What’s the word? Division Terms 

Términos de división

Problem Solving: Build a Model 

Construyendo un modelo

Problem Solving: Start at the End 

Comienza desde el final

What’s the word? Math Terms  

¿Cómo se llama? Términos matemáticos

Problem Solving: Throw Out What You Don’t Need 

Quita lo que no necesitas.

Problem Solving: Visualize  


Making Camp Culture Videos

Social Structure and Clans

Ojibwe tribes were made up of different clans. The videos below introduce the usage of clans in organizing society, the concept of a totem and then provide a brief description of each clan.

  1. Social Structure   SPANISH: Estructura Social
  2. Totems                  SPANISH: Tótems
  3. The Bear Clan       SPANISH: El clan del oso
  4. The Crane Clan
  5. The Deer Clan
  6. The Fish Clan
  7. The Marten Clan   SPANISH: El clan de la marta
  8. The Turtle Clan

Daily Life

  1. How the Ojibwe Caught Fish       SPANISH: Maneras tradicionales de pescar
  2. Red River Cart                               SPANISH: Carreta río rojo


    1. What’s a synonym?

    2. What’s an antonym?

    3. Homophones

    4. Idioms
    5. Homonyms

    6. Parts of speech
    7. Word? World History Terms     SPANISH: Cuál es la palabra? Términos de Historia

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