No. The games currently do not run on Windows XP or Vista (and never will).

No, the games currently do not run on an iPad (but we are working on it).

Not to be rude, we just didn’t want to waste your time. Now that we’ve gotten the two most common questions out of the way … click on the links at left for systems requirements, download and installation, frequently asked questions or game play questions.

May we suggest…
Many problems can be fixed by downloading the latest version. All upgrades are free to licensed users who are sent a link to download major updates as they are released, which is about every 3-4 months. If you did not receive the email / it went to your spam folder/ you just deleted it and now you are sorry – hey, we won’t judge you. Just email and we will verify your paid license and send you a download link.

If you are looking for information on what else is available with the game, such as getting access to the videos, PowerPoint presentations and more, please check out the teacher resource pages.

If you cannot find the solution on our website, please email or use the contact form above. It would help us answer your problem more quickly if you told us what operating system you are using, which game and what version.