3 Benefits to Using Educational Games this Summer Vacation

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Summer is finally here! Well actually in Southern California, summer is all year round…except for those occasional rain drops we get 4x a year. Regardless, school is out, and kids can finally relax and play outside all day! At least, that’s what I did as a child. Nowadays, children are stuck on screens, especially during those long summer road trips and plane rides! Children are playing the best animated games out there. These games range from academic to arcade games.

There are both positive and negative effects of kids using video games – as Crazy Games points on in their blog. Of course, many of the cons are avoidable with some common sense, like being aware of the games your kids are playing, choosing quality games (here’s a few to get you started) and limiting screen time.

However, you’d be surprised how much your children learn from video games. Like what you ask? Math, history and even a second language for starters.

Here are just three more of the many benefits:

  1. Playing video games incorporates a fun activity for siblings and friends. Growing up, my older brother (of four years) and I bonded over video games! With the age gap, I got on his nerves…a lot (I still do not know why), but video games were our time to use teamwork and collaborate. It also encourages someone to try harder if they fail.
  2. They help flourish creative minds. In today’s games, there is color everywhere and beautiful animation. Children are surrounded by the arts of the digital world which can inspire their creative flows in their life. For me, when I saw a really cool object while playing the games, I wanted to draw it out and hang the pictures in my room.
  3. They also help with mental skills such as memory and cognitive learning! Children will become masters at recognition and problem solving. Most games include problem solving, regardless of their category.

So there you have it! Games are a great activity during summer vacation travels or just on the couch! There are also games that incorporate these and help improve children’s math skills! I know my brothers are playing 7 Generation Games during their summer break. Check out our games that range from Grades 3-7!

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