5 Minute Lessons from Making Camp: Multiplication 1

Ojibwe History Integrated with Math

Math + History = Making Camp

That’s Making Camp in a nutshell, um, equation. If your students are like most people, you’re having a hard time getting them to focus. That’s why we’ve created 7 short lessons for you. Each of these only takes a few minutes, teaches Ojibwe (Native American) history , multiplication or division.

As the game introduction says ….

Let’s get started on Making Camp!

First, you can download the game for your phone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play or you can click this link to play it on line on any computer.

Watch the two introductory videos that explain about the Ojibwe migration and how to play the game. This will bring you to the choice screen.

Clicking the 4 boxes on the bottom of the screen will bring you back here at any time

Click on the NUMBERS option which will bring up the screen below.


  • Click on the top left box (with cards) to play a memory game, matching multiplication problems with their answers.

The Multiplication Dog

  • This lesson opens with a paragraph explaining that some tribes used dogs to haul heavy loads, using a type of sled called a travois. The player then has the opportunity to earn a dog and items for their dog by answering multiplication problems.

That’s it. That’s your five minutes of learning social studies and multiplication. Next post: Trade for a wigwam

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