Lesson 2: Trade for a wigwam

Ojibwe History Integrated with Math

As we said in the first lesson, Math + History = Making Camp . Today we are focused on the Ojibwe history part of Making Camp. As one of our very favorite middle school history teachers said,

History is more than names and dates. It’s how people lived, the things they used.

– Jose Gonzalez, Social Studies Teacher, Gompers Middle School, Los Angeles

This lesson gives an introduction to how people lived.

The player now has enough points to get a wigwam and at least two items to supply their wigwam. 

  • Click on the wigwam icon on the bottom left. This will play a video on how a wigwam was built, followed by a second video that briefly discusses that trading existed between and within tribes long before the settlers came. The player then has an option to trade points for items for the wigwam.
Table of items to trade in wigwam with Making Camp Ojibwe

Clicking on the inside of the wigwam image in the bottom right corner will bring the player to the wigwam where items purchased can be moved to decorate or interact. 

Also, clicking on an item will bring up a text box with information on how that item was used or obtained by the Ojibwe people.

Some items also perform actions when clicked. For example, the parfleche opens to show pemmican inside, the dog walks across the wigwam.

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