When the world closed down, we asked, “What can we do to help?”

TL, DR; Just Help Me Teach These Kids

No one was prepared for this.

My youngest daughter was in New York City on spring break when her college sent the students an email,

“Don’t come back.”

Our CEO, Maria Burns Ortiz had three children in preschool, elementary school and middle school, who overnight became her office mates. With great creativity, she now gets her work done in 30-minute uninterrupted bites.  As for me, I was changing planes in Denver, when I received an email telling me the conference the next day had been canceled. I calmly walked over to the service desk and had my ticket changed to fly me back to LAX, which I had left an hour before.

No one was prepared for this, but we were better prepared than most

We make educational software that runs on almost any device, over slow internet or no internet at all. Sometimes getting funding has felt like pushing water uphill. Fortunately, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Startup Chile, both saw early on that NOT every kid has a computer, NOT everyone has Internet access. Thanks to their belief that getting USABLE technology into the hands of every child was just as “cutting edge” and probably more important than the latest virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, simulated space station on Mars for the kindergarten classroom.

Ed Tech Needs to Run in Small Towns in the Mountains

What We Can Do to Help Schools Who Suddenly Have to Teach Online

We decided to give our software away free while U.S. schools are closed.

Yes, all 13 apps and games, teaching math, social studies and English/ language arts for students in grades 3 through 8 are free. This includes:

  • Four games integrating math and social studies that don’t require an Internet connection at all other than being downloaded on the device.
  • Games and apps teaching math in Spanish and English, for English language learners
  • Games teaching math in Lakota and English for students learning Lakota
  • Software for Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
  • Games and apps that can be played on a phone.

Yes, it’s really all free to all of your students and to all teachers.

We are also giving away our teacher resources for free

On the teacher resource site, you’ll find resources to teach math, in Spanish and English, like these videos and PowerPoints on division.

You can also access our teacher reports, free. You can learn about our reports and more on our support page. Email info@7generationgames.com if you need more info.

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Small child asking about multiplication

Why are we doing this?

Honestly, we really truly want to help and this was something we could do, not permanently but at least for now to help schools that were thrown into a situation no one signed up for.

We hope you will love us and our software and once we all get back to some semblance of whatever normal is, you’ll say, “Hey, let’s include 7 Generation Games in our curriculum!”

Even if you don’t (gasp!) we want to help your kids learn, because that’s what we’re all about.

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