AnnMaria De Mars – World Judo Champion, Professor & Entrepreneur – Fight to Win!

“‘I don’t have a math brain.’ And that’s just so much bull. There’s no ‘special math brain’.”

“I was not willing to have people tell me, ‘You can’t.'”

The Martial Arts Woman Podcast invites you to listen to this “fascinating and fiery” interview with Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, World Judo Champion and Entrepreneur – Owner of 7 Generation Games – games that make you smarter!

She shares stories about life, raising her family, teaching martial arts, training, and competition. Dr. De Mars is the author of Winning on the Ground: Training and Techniques for Judo and MMA Fighters as well as other books. 

Play in new window | Duration: 48:00 | Recorded July 18, 2020

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