Where will Fall 2020 take us?

We develop each game with the aim of meeting the needs of everyone involved in the educational process: students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

The student is at the heart of everything we do. We recognize that no matter how great a game we produce, we have only succeeded if kids want to play our games. We have succeeded on that front. Our 3D graphics meet the standards that today’s kids have when it comes to video games. We actively solicit and implement input from students on how to improve our products. The end result is a game that is that kids are actually asking to play.

We recognize the role that technology can play in enhancing the amazing (and often under-appreciated) efforts teachers put forth every day, and the challenges of online education in underserved communities. We have worked to create an educational game with features that complement existing curricula to make teachers’ lives easier. Don’t forget to check out our teacher site.

From an educator standpoint, each of our games provides a valuable tool that engages students while simultaneously teaching mathematics. Each student’s progress is tracked and charted, allowing teachers to see which concepts both individuals and the class as a whole are grasping and which concepts are presenting challenges to both individuals and/or the class as a whole. We also provide supplemental resources on both math and Native American culture for educators, which include movies, PowerPoint presentations, vetted links, curated historical photos, clip art and more. Teachers can incorporate these materials to add gamification elements to their math curriculum.

We understand the decision-making processes administrators face as they review dozens of games and products, trying to select the best educational digital offerings as a solution to remote learning during the pandemic. Our unique combination of math and social studies content sets us apart from so many other one-dimensional learning products on the market. Our games not only have a proven track record of improving student scores, but we also provide data reports specifically for school administrators, providing a cross-classroom assessment tool.

Our games were created as much for parents as for students, so parents hold a special place in our heart. We founded 7 Generation Games in the hope that we could create a world where parents never had to argue with their children about the growing pains of math study ever again. We know it’s a lofty goal, but creating a math game that kids want to play is certainly a start.

As we have worked with a lot of software products over the years, we understand the frustrations that too often accompany installing and initial use of new products. We have made it our mission to make the installation and use of 7 Generation Games products as easy-to-use and frustration-free as possible for remote education during this strange, new normal.

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