Tasty Math: The Cookie Entrepreneur

Activities I did growing up kept me involved in my studies and community. As a Girl Scout, I was a cookie entrepreneur and we sold the popular cookies everyone wanted. Samoas, Thin Mints, you name it! But in order to sell these delicious treats, Girl Scouts had to know how money worked and so me and my team ultimately had to be cozy with math. Actually, I was the math girl from my Girl Scout troop. I was in charge of the cash box because I loved doing the cashier transactions.

Knowing my math terms helped tremendously. I mean could you imagine someone paying me $20 for two $3 boxes of cookies and me giving them $10 in change? A box of cookies cost $3 and I’d need to give them $14 in change after calculating $20 – $6. What if I had divided $20 by 2 instead? I could have ripped off our customer by giving back $10 instead of $14! Knowing math terms is pretty important–especially for our coveted Girl Scout cookies.

This learning process didn’t occur overnight. Math wasn’t just that one subject that clicked with me! I had to begin by studying those multiplication cards when I was 7, and I just worked my way up. I adjusted to harder problems. After some time, I started doing math problems for fun in the summer. My two options would be to read or do math problems — you better believe I chose math.

Maybe that’s why I love playing 7 Generation Games. I get to practice my math skills and have a ton of fun! Who doesn’t want to match cards while practicing their multiplication? Better yet, you get to go bass fishing!

In Making Camp: Premium there are videos that jog your memory on math terms and then practice the basic operations of division, addition, subtraction, and multiplication!

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