Because we care about education

Since 7 Generation Games started, we began with a design for low-income schools, our software has always worked on older devices and with unreliable or slow internet.

Over the past few years, we have added the following:
1. Apps that work offline so that students do not need Internet access.

2. Read it to me buttons on most pages or voice-overs so that children who don’t read well can still access the material.

3. Three bilingual games, 2 phone/tablet apps and one game in Spanish

Counting by 2 languages screen shot
Here’s one of our games to learn Spanish and English

Suitable for everybody

We recommend that all students start with our games that teach multiplication and division.
Making Camp Bilingual , Making Camp and Spirit Lake. Students progress at their own pace, so when they complete one game they can move on to another of greater difficulty.

Making Camp Premium
selecting the correct number of herbs in the woods

Once they have finished the games that teach multiplication and division, they can move on to games that teach fractions and statistics, Forgotten Trail, Aztech: The story begins and Aztech: Meet the Maya .

Boy walking thing of a map of the country

Within the games, students can select the type of resource they want to use to learn, such as a video, a web page to read or an activity such as practice problems. They can select the language in which they want to learn, either Spanish or English.

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