If you haven’t seen us lately, you haven’t seen us 2

I was thinking today about how far we have come in developing educational games and how grateful I am for all of those who helped us get there. I wonder what those people who saw our very early efforts expected. If you’re one of them, please take a second look because I’m sitting here grinning thinking how surprised you’re going to be.

Our very first game was available to the public six years ago, in January, 2013. We announced it with a post titled , “There has always been math.”

As with anyone’s first draft of anything, it had bugs. At the time, there were only three of us, all part-time. The artwork done by Justin Flores, the lead artist on that game, was great but because we were a brand new, tiny start-up, lots of the web pages teaching math were done by me.

old problem
Spirit Lake Version 1
Spirit Lake 2.0

It was more than 500 improvements in art and sound, although that definitely adds up.

We’ve grown so much- built out the curriculum and added new devices we supported – Chromebook, iPad and Android and Augmented Reality Apps! Who would have guessed it?

We now have seven games available for Chromebook , from multiplication through basic statistics, including three bilingual games in English-Spanish and one in Lakota-English.

We’ve added nine games for iPads, ranging from Counting by Two Languages, for preschool and K-2 special needs students, through AzTech: Meet the Maya, for sixth- and seventh-grade statistics. These include two augmented reality apps.

From one game, that taught multiplication and Dakota history, we now have 10 games, ranging from grades three through eight and an eleventh game for younger kids.

I’m sure you get the point. That’s not even mentioning the resources for teachers we’ve added. That will have to be a “If you haven’t seen us, part 2”.

We have come so far since that humble beginning. If you have been with us all along, THANK YOU!

If you haven’t seen us since the beginning, you haven’t seen us. Take another look.

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