Build a model: Ten minutes on problem-solving

If Janie had 3 avocados and Frank owns 2 giraffes, how many hippopotamuses does it take to make it rain for 6 days?


Do word problems ever make you feel like this?

Many students who have no problem with “What is 12 x 4?” get stuck when the question involves finding how many kids are coming to a game when there are 12 buses and each has 4 students.  There are a lot of ways to make word problems easier.

Making a model is a fun way to make solving problems easier. Watch this video for an explanation and examples.

Now that you’ve watched the video, try this problem.

Caske goes fishing on Lake Humongo on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each time he catches four fish. How many fish did he catch altogether?

For the answer I drew with Google Draw click here. Your answer can look different, this is just an example of one way of doing it.


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This video is from the game, Making Camp. Answer questions to earn points to build your own virtual wigwam.

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Wait! There’s more!

Want this as a PowerPoint? Click here.

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En Español

Want the Powerpoint in Spanish?

Here’s the video in Spanish


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