Division Terms: What really trips students up in learning division

Quick! Which one is the dividend and which is the divisor? Unless, you have learned, or taught, division fairly recently, I bet you had to to think about it for a while. Maybe you don’t even know.

Here is a video to help  learn the quotient from the remainder. This is one of our most-watched videos. If you hate videos and would rather read, here is a link for you.

Now that you’ve watched the video, try this problem:

Label the terms 512/2 =256

Think you have the answer? Click here.

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This video is from the game, Making Camp. Answer questions to earn points to build your own virtual wigwam.

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Wait! There’s more!

Want this as a PowerPoint? Click here.

En Español

Want the Powerpoint in Spanish?

Here’s the video in Spanish


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