Interning Abroad

by Julia De Mars

I’ll be honest here, I have a very hard life. I’m studying for a semester in London, England, a horrible and uncultured place. Hate it. I have met too many great people already, like seriously go away I have things to do- games to test! There are also an annoying amount of fun activities to do and places to go around here. Gross right?

Julia in London

Well, these terrible aspects to this place I am now living in are the reasons it has been so hard for me personally to get my work done. On top of starting classes, I get to work for a fun company and test their games. I like helping this company achieve and exceed their goals as much as I can, but life can get distracting.

Fish Lake screen shot

Currently testing Fish Lake for the iPhone (if it passes testing, you can get it this month)

I also became deathly ill (had a flu of some sort) which hindered my do-anything abilities. I have basically been bed ridden since last Sunday and I have finally been out and about these past couple of days leading up to this Sunday.

So here we are, full circle. I am now even more grateful and excited for ALL of the opportunities I have today. Being sick really is life’s way of reminding us how lucky we are everyday that we are not sick. We worry about what we don’t have in today’s society, but I am happy about not having the flu now and will be until I forget about it again and life has to remind me again. So love your life while you’re not hacking up phlegm and filling you and your roommate’s trash bin to the brim with tissues! It’s time to cheer up and play some fun math games.

I have a few New Year’s resolutions that I came up with being in London. I never make them before the year starts anymore because inspiration alway strikes me a little late. So I want to read a lot more this year, probably 300 x more than I was before. Let’s do some math here. If I was not reading at all last year and I want to read 300 times more than I was before then how much would I have to read this year? Seriously, let me know I’m not good at math.Does that problem even make sense? (Just kidding, it’s a trick question but if you know the answer post in the comments.)

Anyway, leading into my next resolution- to test 7 Generation Games way more (maybe not 300 x more) and in addition to doing my job, getting better at math for myself.

In Spanish: When are we? Where are we ?

Testing an updated version of AzTech Maya next. You can play in Spanish or English

Our brain is a muscle, or that’s the cliche phrase I always hear when people talk about exercising it and all that to keep it strong. Well, I don’t want to lose any muscle in my body because soccer season will be just around the corner before I know it and so is school! Speaking of, I have to do that homework now, too. Thanks for listening to my rant. I’m sure my next one will be more relevant to a normal person’s life, but no promises.

Julia in a boat on the Thames River

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