By The Numbers: Women in Tech

If you’re active on social media, you very well might have seen  #girlsbehindthegames, #womenbehindthegames and #womeningames recently trending. The movement was started by Runaway, a game company out of New Zealand, going both global and viral. The goal was to raise awareness about the need for diversity in the gaming industry as well as to highlight the women already doing incredible work in the field.   

It certainly struck a chord with us here at 7 Generation Games, considering we’re a gaming company with two female founders: AnnMaria De Mars and Maria Burns Ortiz. 

Because we love statistics – especially AnnMaria – we thought we’d share some here when it comes to women in tech. While women are making progress in the tech world, it is still largely overrepresented by men. As you can see, the numbers don’t lie.

  • Women are entering the tech world at a growth rate 238% higher than men.
  • 18% of women earn computer science degrees.
  • Onlyof the top 100 billionaires in tech are women
  • Bumble, Hitlist, bSafe, Cast Beauty, ClassPass and and Camera+ are just a few apps created by women
  • 23% of women who work at Facebook have senior positions.
  • 25% of women who work for Google are in leadership positions.
  • Over half of people who use Facebook and Twitter are women.   
  • 25% of women have IT jobs.
  • In 2014, 18% of start ups had a female founder,
  • The highest number of women leave jobs in tech because they are unhappy with the working conditions.

That’s why it is crucial for young girls to learn math and feel comfortable using online tools. Fortunately, our games improves both of these skills.


Want to learn even more about statistics? Check our AzTech: Meet the Maya where we tackle things like averages, distributions and more – in two languages! 

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