Freebie Friday: Mother and Child historical photo

Hello everyone, it’s time for another Freebie Friday. Today’s freebie is associated with Spirit Lake and it’s a historical photo. The historical photo depicts a mother and a child. We have shared this picture in the past, but with Mother’s Day coming up we thought it was worth re-sharing. This picture of a mother and her child taken in 1905 is one of our faves for multiple reasons. For starters, moms rock. Secondly, the mom is a part of the Ogalala, who are one of the seven tribes of the Dakota people. Lastly, babies are crazy cute including this one. The image also provides insight into how mothers traveled with their children over 100 years ago. Click on the picture below to view and download the photo.


We like to provide photos, like the one above, because they really are a great resource to supplement our game Spirit Lake and bring it to life. This photo, previous historical photos that we’ve shared, and others can be found on our Spirit Lake Photos page. There you can find great pictures of Native American life provided by the Library of Congress website. Check those out in order to use them at home or in your classroom.

You can also find other great teacher resources for our games on our Teacher Resources page. There you’ll find videos, links, clip art, activities, and more that you can also use in the classroom, at home or for any other educational need. Also, just to make your life a bit easier, make sure to browse our teacher resources on other various educator sites. We have great math videos on our Teacher Tube channel because sometimes that’s more accessible to educators than other video websites. We also have more resources on our Teachers Pay Teachers page. Check those out too!

Have a great weekend and look out for another Freebie Friday next week!

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