Six videos for teaching math to English Learners

Teaching math is a challenge and teaching it to English language learners can be twice as challenging. You might think the solution is to give the student textbooks in Spanish but not all Spanish-speaking children are Spanish-reading children. Often, their education has been in English, in which their fluency is limited, and they end up not very literate in either language.

Also, whether you are in the US or Chile you want children to learn English. (If you didn’t know , now you know – although Chile is a Spanish-speaking country, English is also taught in schools.)

Maybe your Spanish isn’t perfect. Maybe your English isn’t perfect. Certainly, you don’t have time to translate all of your materials in a second languages.

We’re here to help, starting with six videos for teaching fifth- and sixth-grade math, in Spanish and English. These include an introduction to equivalent fractions, computing the mean and solving multi-step equations. Because we provide the videos in Spanish and English, you know exactly what your kiddos are learning, even if your Spanish is limited to “no hablo español”.


When is a fraction equal to 1

Cuando es la fracción igual a uno

BASIC STATISTICS – Finding the mean

Finding the average

Encontrando el promedio

Solving Multi-Step Equations in Word Problems (easier than you think)

Equations and word problems in Spanish and English

( (2 x 45) + (60 x T1)) – (60 x T2) = X

Make it an easier problem

Problema más fácil

These resources come from our bilingual math game, Aztech: The Story Begins.  Get it here free.

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