How to Live a Life Without Math 1

Buying things? Who needs math for that?

So you’re here to learn how to live without math?

I’ll explain how you can do so!

You need to get to work by 9 am. Let’s say you are 10 miles away. Do you leave right at 8:50? I hope not. Because you obviously don’t know your math. And if you live in Southern California, like me, I leave my house at 6:20 a.m. to get to work at 8:50 a.m., so I am set and ready to work right at 9. Why do I leave so early? Santa Monica is more or less 40 miles away from me – so believe me when I KNOW I can NOT leave later than 6:20. And honestly, that’s kind of pushing it, but I like to take risks. Luckily, I’ve always made it by 9.

Another scenario. You are taking your siblings to get ice cream. You know it costs $3 for an ice cream cone. There are a total of 3 of you. How much cash should you take? I hope you don’t take $5 because there will be 2 people without ice cream and nobody wants to be that person. Oh and don’t forget an extra dollar or two for tax! So to be safe, take $11. It also depends which state you live in for tax.

Okay, one last example. There’s a buy one/get one 50% off deal at your favorite store. So you’ll be getting the second item you buy at 1/2 off. Of course, that’s relatively easy to figure out because you just divide by 2. What if it was 30% off? That’s a different equation.

Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally who always said she didn’t need math after elementary school! (I don’t really have an Aunt Sally, that was a whole play on the PEMDAS mnemonic device for order of operations.)

How did I calculate this? MATH! Wait, so I need math to live a daily normal life? It appears yes. Are you not the best at it? Then we have games for you. And some are even FREE! Making Camp offers so much for the awesome price of $0! Just pay shipping and handling for $10. We’re kidding. It’s actually free! So is AzTech: The Story Begins, now available for iPad.

Are you not familiar with word problems? Are you meeting up with a friend and paying for the both of you? Did you forget how to solve word problems? We have awesome engaging videos of how to solve everyday situations.

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