Planning for the IEP Meeting

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  • IEP meetings can expect some delays in areas experiencing the digital divide, which can impact remote conferences during the pandemic.

  • Students with IEP services, in particular, are vulnerable to regression in academic skills.

Five steps to take

  1. Prepare for a remote IEP conference.
    Your child’s school may require you meet via phone or video conference in accordance with your state or local Covid-19 protocols. Ensure good connectivity. Familiarize yourself with the video conference software and hardware, like microphone setup. Learn how to send digital versions of documents via email and smartphone. Email correspondence with your child’s evaluations, Present Levels of Performance Letter, and any other related documentation to the IEP team days before the conference.

  2. Know your child’s academic and personal goals.
    What are some short term and long term achievable academic and non-academic goals to work on during this school year? How do you want to work with your child’s teachers to ensure the best possible outcome?

  3. You are part of your child’s IEP team.
    It’s your right to be heard on important decisions affecting your child. Plan to attend the IEP meeting with services you want for your child and anything else you want to make sure is covered in the meeting. Familiarizing yourself with legally binding documentation sometimes isn’t easy. Stay informed, and keep your print documents and related email history records organized.

  4. Know your rights.
    The Fact Sheet issued back in March supports legislation that public schools must continue to provide Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to students with IEPs and 504 Plans. Schools may not be able to provide every service you request, but they are required to record that they addressed your concerns. If you are not satisfied with the school’s response, you have the right to request a fair hearing.

  5. Know what you and your child want to achieve from the IEP meeting.
    Are there specific services you want your student to receive while they attend virtual courses? What IEP services, resources, and accommodations can the school offer for your child in light of the pandemic?

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