Keeping a Nature Journal

After playing Spirit Lake or Making Camp, it’s time for a nature walk.

Visiting local trails or the park and identifying elements from the game could be a good way to immerse kids in the natural world.



  • Pencils
  • Small, light notebook (nothing too fancy)

If you and your kids have been nature journaling for some time already, this time set out with a theme with Spirit Lake and Making Camp in mind.

Journal recordings could be anything from spotting wildlife, to interesting plants, to speculating about where one could build a wigwam or set up a rabbit snare. 

Engage some of the five senses:

  • Have your kids sketch or record things they see along the way, with a focus on history they have learned about Native Americans with 7 Generation Games. Help them write the names of the items as needed. 
  • If it’s hot out, ask relevant questions such as, “How do you think Ojibwe people kept cool?”
  • What can they hear around them? What’s chirping in the trees? Is there water nearby? 

Use this to develop critical thinking skills. Present a problem and ask your kids to help you figure out how to solve the problem. Break the problems down into smaller steps. 

Explain how the game concepts apply to real life situations for Ojibwe or Dakota. If you live in an area outside where the Ojibwe and Dakota have or had tribal lands, you can use this as an opportunity as a starting point to learn about tribes in your area.

Just remember to be patient and encouraging. The goal is to make learning fun!

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