Learning is easier while you’re playing

The Science Behind Learning and Through Games

The mechanisms of the brain described by neuroscience show that learning is much more effective while playing games and with playful methodologies.

In video games, pleasure experienced by winning and overcoming challenges is produced by neurotransmitters that facilitate communication between neurons thanks to dopamine, which consolidates relational memory.

Video games can promote learning, motivation, and emotional factors.

Think about how easy it is to remember highly emotional experiences

Isn’t it so much easier to remember your first date with the love of your life than what you were doing last Thursday? Why is that when one is so much more recent than the other. Even slightly emotionally charged events are easier to recall.

Remember the time you aced that test you were sure you were going to fail ?

The information transmitted by games must be relevant for the player, besides producing stress in small doses to stimulate the cerebral cortex, like when you aced that test. This will produce a satisfaction effect with the achievement of small goals during the game, inducing users to aspire to achieve new objectives, such as overcoming levels.

Video games increase motivation and reduce harmful stress. Errors cause learning but don’t increase stress since the player has the opportunity to try again anytime they want.

Students can be resistant to certain subjects but if we present them as playful challenges and with games, we can introduce the student to areas in which they are not familiar and encourage them to give the first step in topics that could be of interest to them.

Games can improve memory, a key element for learning

Our personal identity is determined by what we learn and what we remember. That memory is a fundamental human resource that makes us intelligent and allows us to share and transmit culture and knowledge.

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