Minnesota Trail: Day 1 – Moving our startup

Tales from the road: Day 1 of Moving Our Startup Across the Country

If you didn’t know, now you know – Maria is moving, with 3 children, her husband, a dog, 17 Apple devices and 19,000 pounds of random stuff across the country to open our Minneapolis office. If you want to connect, email her maria@7generationgames.com

  At 12:30 am,  80 miles outside of Las Vegas, the “check engine” light came on. Google said probably the gas cap is not on right, but we tried 3 times putting it back on and it was still lit. Eric took our car to the service center 25 miles away at 8 am. The guy put the gas cap on and the light went off. He said we could still get checked or just go and probably be fine. Eric is waiting to get it checked for $175 because we’ve got like 2,000 miles to go.

So, I am now taking kids to McDonald’s. Nowhere to go but up? (I assume this is just like the letters old time travelers sent home.)

Cal with his first Happy Meal

10:30 am on Day 1 and it’s already devolved to this

In 11 years of raising children, never once have I bought a Happy Meal – until today.

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