Moving Our Startup: Minnesota Trail Day 2

We have not died of dysentery!

After a 3-mile hike.

Okay, maybe you only got that reference if you played Oregon Trail. It’s Day 2 of moving our startup half-way across the country and so far, the two youngest have gotten sick. Cal (age 4) got what Millie has, so he was a trooper and did the hike with a fever (carried, but didn’t complain one bit). Eddie was a dog trooper who made the march with his little legs. Emilia did the whole hike herself with minimal complaining. (Hard to believe because minimal complaining is not her usual style.)

Emilia doing yoga in Arches National Park during our trip moving our startup to Minnesota
Emilia has her own yoga arch move in Arches National Park.

What are YOU doing to help your kids learn this summer?

Maybe you don’t have time to be doing yoga in national parks or you are too sane to consider moving across the country with three small children, one small dog, and one tall husband. We know you still care about your kids learning over the summer, and we have the perfect solution for you.

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