Looking Back At Our Most Popular And Talked About Blog Posts Of 2015!

Before we dive right into the New Year, we’re continuing our look back at the year that was, offering up another Top 10 List of 2015. Today we’re spotlighting our Blogs! During the year, our team creates a vast collection of blog posts covering everything from free resources and trends in tech, to startup diaries and career & life advice from Dr. AnnMaria de Mars.¬†026fb9f0-9a90-446f-8cd6-c17b1e745401

Going over our large library of posts, we pulled out the most popular and talked about blogs of the past year. Not only are the postings entertaining and fun reads, but they’re also thought provoking and informative. Some of you may have already read some of the selections and/or commented, but this list also gives you a chance to discover topics and issues you may have missed before.

As we continue working on new games and adventures in 2016, we hope to bring you more useful and interesting blog posts throughout the year. Please reach out to us on Twitter letting us know what you think of the list, if you agree with the picks or if we missed some of your personal favorites. You can also leave a comment on any of the blog posts, if they make an impression with you. Here are our top 10, in no specific order:

  1. Where Are The Latinos in Tech? Right Here! РCEO, Maria Burns Ortiz discusses the lack of a Hispanic workforce in the tech field and how 7 Generation Games is countering that dismal trend.
  2. Ronda Rousey Discovers What The Most Popular Gift This Holiday Season is! РThis short, fun video has MMA Superstar and 7 Generation Games tester, Ronda Rousey, finding out why everyone wants games like Spirit Lake and Fish Lake for the holidays.
  3. Throwback Thursday: Useless And Useful Advice For Some Small Businesses РDr. AnnMaria de Mars shares practical bits of advice for people thinking of starting their  own businesses.
  4. We’re Getting Smarter And You Can Too!¬†– We here at 7 Generation Games never get complacent with our games and¬†share¬†how delivering a better product is an ongoing process.
  5. How Do You Create Your Characters? РWe shed some light on how characters in our games come about. Like any multimedia format, characters are inspired by people we know or by people that have made a positive impression along the way.
  6. How Ronda Rousey Got On Our Design Team¬†– Besides the obvious family connection, find out how Ronda’s passion for gaming got her involved in our development process.
  7. Throwback Thursday: Six Start-Up Lessons From Martial Arts РDr. AnnMaria de Mars shares how the lessons learned in becoming a judo champion, helped her in the world of tech.
  8. Startups Take Sacrifice РCEO, Maria Burns Ortiz shares her personal story of the sacrifices and challenges one faces balancing family life and creating a business.
  9. You Don’t Always Get It Right The First Time¬†– We take a look at how sometimes it’s okay not to overcome challenges the first few times, as long as you keep trying.
  10. Throwback Thursday: Real Advice For Startups¬†– We offer up “Do’s and Don’ts” when it comes to people thinking about building a startup.

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