Math Terms with Zombies: Ten-Minute Lesson

Think we couldn’t fit zombies into a video on math terms? Ha! You underestimate us! Sometimes students get a problem wrong not because they don’t know the answer but because they don’t understand the question. What is the difference between 210 and 11 ? Well, one is a three-digit number and the other is a two-digit number. Just kidding. That’s a math joke. To find the difference, you subtract, so the answer is  199.

Watch this video and then answer the questions below.

What is the product of 11 and 3 ?

What is the quotient when you divide 49 by 7?

What is the sum of 8 + 8 + 8 ?

What is the difference of 47 and 12 ?

Scroll down for the answers.

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Did you get these answers?

Question 1:  33

Question 2: 7

Question 3: 24

Question 4: 35


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This video is from the game, Making Camp. Answer questions to earn points to build your own virtual wigwam.

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Wait! There’s more!


Want this as a PowerPoint? Click here.

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En Español

Want the Powerpoint in Spanish?

Here’s the video in Spanish

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