Teaching bilingual kids? We can help

We think bilingual educational games are great (that’s why we make them), but it can’t be all fun and games.

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Yes. We are upset, too. WHY can’t it be all fun and games?

Just as we’ve done with our other games, we have supplemental teaching resources for our bilingual games – in both English and Spanish. If you’re on a budget, and who isn’t these days, you’ll be happy to hear they are all available free, supported by your tax dollars to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. (Yay, USDA!)

Maybe your Spanish proficiency is nada (that means “nothing”). Don’t stress. In our growing number of Spanish-language videos and Powerpoint on math and history, we provide materials to teach the same concepts that our English videos do, but just in a language that students might be more comfortable with while learning.

Perhaps your Spanish is perfect pero no tiene tiempo .

Whatever your situation, you probably KNOW your students could benefit from bilingual materials and you’d appreciate a little help.

Our bilingual videos, presentations and assignments can  help students in many different situations. Hearing the content in Spanish could turn out to be vital for a student who not necessarily is struggling with the content being taught, but the language. Having teacher resources in Spanish, not just resources but a whole game, helps break down that language barrier. As someone who has been in classrooms where students struggle with the language and not the content, I can attest to the importance of having bilingual games.

Another way bilingual teacher resources help students is by exposing them to a different language or one that they are familiar with but would like more practice in. By having Spanish teacher resources, we’re giving students the opportunity to be exposed to something new, for those who don’t speak the language, or get comfortable with something familiar, for those Spanish speakers that need practice. Having bilingual games as well as bilingual teacher resources available for students fills so many different needs.

My favorite bilingual teacher resources.


The Marten Clan / El Clan de la Marta

This video teaches you about how Ojibwe tribes were made up of clans, or families, and how that structured the community. The video also specifically talks about one of the clans, the Marten Clan.

What’s the Word? World History Terms / Terminos de Historia

“What’s the Word? World History Terms”, or “Terminos de Historia” in Spanish, teaches you important terms in World History, such as ‘ancient’, ’empire’ and ‘master’.

One Way to Solve a Problem is to Build a Model / Construyendo un modelo

This video teaches you a math problem solving strategy. “Build a Model”, or “Construyendo un modelo” in Spanish, teaches you how to build a model to visualize the math problem you are trying to solve.

Here at 7 Generation Games, we always offer teacher resources for our games because we think it’s important to supplement the content in our games even when you aren’t playing them. We think teacher resources are important, so much so that we provide them for you as a blog post every Friday. You HAVE been catching our Freebie Fridays, right? If not, make sure to check those posts out as well!

I’d love to get links to your favorite bilingual resources! Let’s share with each other.

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