Moving our startup to the Midwest

How is moving our startup to the Midwest going?

If you’ve been following along, you know that we’re opening a 7 Generation Games office in Minneapolis this month. If you want to meet and talk about educational software that teaches Native American history, math and English/ Language arts for grades 3-8, I’m available for a call or coffee. Contact me at

They say a picture tells 1,000 words so here is Cal, our youngest game tester when we left California.

Dressed in batman costume as we began the trip moving our startup to the midwest
Born and raised in Santa Monica, He’s all Hollywood

Here is Cal after two days on the road, en route to moving our startup to the Midwest

Dressed in cowboy hat, western shirt and boots, 2 days into the trip moving our startup to the midwest
The hat and shirt are cool but the light up cowboy boots you can’t see in this picture are his favorite

One thing that has been drilled home on our trip is the unreliable internet in places like this.

If you want your kids to use software that is not only fun and educational but also can be installed on your computer so it works in places where the sky is not cloudy all day and the Internet isn’t always working, check out Spirit Lake. Learn Dakota culture and math while buffalo hunting.

Buffalo in a field

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