Multiplication and Red River Carts

This lesson is just a final review of multiplication before heading on to division. Our last lesson was all Ojibwe history. For a little variety we combined social studies and math today.

First, let’s learn, “What’s a Red River Cart?”

Cart made of wood and hide
Red River carts were made of wood and hide

1. Log in to Making Camp and choose “LIFE”

choices page from Making Camp Ojibwe

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You can go to the choices page at any time by clicking the boxes on the bottom left.

Choices page for Ojibwe history in Making Camp

2. Click on the picture of the cart

Now that you’re here, click on the top right box, to learn about Red River carts, a Métis invention.  Answer the questions at the end of the video to earn some points.

3. From NUMBERS, select a multiplication activity

Go back to the main choices page by clicking on the 4 boxes in the bottom left of the screen and then click on the NUMBERS box.

6 boxes with choices of math activiities

Select the box on the far left, with the picture of the woods to match multiplication problems with their answers. 

Go back to the wigwam and trade with the points you earned in this lesson.

Congratulations! You have completed all the multiplication activities in Making Camp Ojibwe and are now ready to head on to division. Plus, you’ve earned some cool stuff and learned a little about Ojibwe history and culture.

Making Camp Premium has choices of Numbers, Life, Random and Words
Choose Numbers, Life, Words or Random

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