National STEM Day

Hello all! November 8th is celebrated as National STEM Day every year in the US! Every year, this day is set aside for us to help kids explore and learn using STEM/STEAM activities. Many educators make STEAM learning more engaging using a gamified approach. This includes fun activities like board games, building models, studying everyday occurrences, and–our specialty–video games!

What We Offer

We can help you make STEM Day more fun with our lineup of free educational math games teaching fractions, multiplication, division, statistics–all cross-curricular in Indigenous and Latin American social studies and histories. Scroll down to the games to check them out!

Bilingual Features

We’ve also added support for bilingual education because we know our students are growing up in a global community. (Where’s the fun in being monolingual?) Anyway, if some of your students are growing up to be programmers, they’re going to have to learn a couple computer languages to start (e.g. Scratch, Python are said to be great starter languages). Keep their brains plastic by having them explore spoken languages and strengthen their “cognitive muscles.” We have Dakota, Lakota and Spanish available, with Navajo in the works.

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Sam hikes the Forgotten Trail in the rain



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