Art as Part of STEAM Week

Teachers, get your students involved!

What pastimes and activities do your kids love that are rooted in STEAM?

Computer games, origami, cooking, being in nature…whatever their interests, you can connect their favorite things with STEM/STEAM, and even discover new ones!

Investing in students’ exposure to robotics, hackathons, coding, design and other digital skills can open to the door to getting them interested in learning. Early introduction to the wealth of careers in science, tech, engineering, and mathematics is also key. Improving rigor in problem-solving and critical thinking will serve students well in their college years and beyond.

Have them brush up on STEAM skills using their favorite pastimes.

If you unplug, it’s DIY pop rocks, painting with magnetic fields, balloon-powered cars for design and physics, or model rockets. Take your pick. If logged on, you can try out 7 Generation Games (just scroll down for some free browser games), free coding at, learning digital art basics, and more!

For good measure, visit a museum specializing in STEAM, or any good museum for that matter, to discover how STEAM can interact with creativity.

Digital art, anyone? We have an art contest on.

Art is a part of STEAM, whether in architecture, technology, math (remember the Golden Ratio?) and science. Students can be taught to find the beauty in each of these disciplines and to become creators on their own. Each field requires a good degree of creativity in order to think outside the box and solve problems using new skills, but that does not mean art takes a backseat to any of this.

Here at 7 Generation Games, we have an art contest ready for students. If your students play 7 Generation Games, they are eligible to participate in the Art Contest. All media are welcome. Top prizes include gift cards and a chance to have art featured in a future 7 Generation Games or Growing Math project.

How is this art contest anything to do with STEAM? It’s because we also welcome digital art, which is art created using technology! If your kids want to paint a beautiful scene using magnetic fields or create pixel art on their devices to submit, that’s STEAM and we love that too. See a couple of our previous digital art submissions and winners. Look at our Spring and inaugural art galleries!

Digital art titled “Elk” by T.H., a previous art contest winner!
Digital art by K.L. This Growing Math student won a past art contest!

Check out our free browser games from 7 Generation Games!

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