Nicholi: Student Game Designer 3

Students at Charlieville playing Fish Lake

Students at Charlieville playing Fish Lake

After playing Fish Lake, Nicholi, a student at Charlieville Presbyterian Primary School, in Trinidad, gave the following suggestions for a new game.


Make a first-person shooting game. It does not have to be a war game.


The game would be educational, with calculations of angle and power percentages. Add the feature that players can use a game controller to play as well as the keyboard controls. As players level up, they could be shooting in different places or different scenes within the same location. With higher scores, players could upgrade their weapons and accessories.


Players should be able to select harder or easier levels.  They should be allowed to select among different weapons they want to use and different people that they can play as their character.


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3 thoughts on “Nicholi: Student Game Designer

  • AnnMaria De Mars Post author

    Dear Nicholi –

    I am the president of 7 Generation Games. I will forward your suggestions to your game design team. None of our games have people shooting other people because, at least in the United States, no schools where we work allow those types of games. HOWEVER, it would be possible to maybe design a shooting range or shooting gallery where players would shoot at targets. I will look into that.

    Thank you,

    AnnMaria De Mars, Ph.D. , President
    7 Generation Games