10 Ways Your Talent Can Change the World 2

Everybody has a talent that can help the world

Explaining why he invested in our company, Bob (not his real name) said

Some of us made a lot – really, an obscene amount – of money on apps that do things like allow you to share pictures of your cat. We try to tell ourselves that we are ‘making the world better by improving communication’ or something like that, but it’s really not true. That’s why I invested in you guys – you really are trying to make the world a better place. It’s my way of feeling that I actually am doing some good.

No, this isn’t a pitch for money. Although if you WANT to hear a pitch for money, email maria@7generationgames.com , or just buy our games or send us a chest of gold coins.

chest of gold coins

It’s actually a post about Bob – and you. Bob still has his Ferrari and his winter home and summer home. He invested a modest amount that wasn’t much trouble for him and felt like he did a good thing. We used those funds to pay for marketing – things like a free newsletter that goes to thousands of teachers, homeschoolers and just people interested in educational technology, to updating our website with more free educational resources. [Email info@7generationgames.com if you want to sign up for our newsletter.]

We also felt like we did a good thing. Although we like (very much) for people to buy our games so that we can continue paying our employees, we also like being able to share what we’ve created with anyone who needs or wants to learn math, history, geography, English or Spanish.  We really believe that what goes around comes around. If we help people out by giving them videos on how to reduce fractions, common terms in social studies textbooks , art for creating their own presentations, etc. then they may help us out by telling people about our games, our company.

Here’s the part about you

Maybe you don’t have a Ferrari and an extra house or two. I’m almost certain you have some talents and I’m pretty sure you undervalue those talents. I can say that even if we haven’t met because I think most people take their own talents for granted, like, everyone can make a video, draw a picture, write a story or create a lesson plan, right? Wrong.

If you’d like to help make the world a better place by creating better education for everyone, here are 10 ways you can help that take from a couple of minutes to an hour or two if you decide to get really elaborate. Are you a YouTube expert ? We’d like your advice. Listen to lots of podcasts? Have an interesting guest to suggest? That would help us out, too.

  1.  Go to our YouTube channel of math, social studies and language videos and give us your feedback on our educational videos. We really want your opinion. Subscribe to our channel to get regular updates.
  2. Go to our 7GenGames TV YouTube channel and give us feedback  – this channel is new and we started it as preparation for a reality TV show based on the company. Again, subscribe for updates.
  3. Check out our teacherspayteachers site – currently everything we offer here is free – including clip art for creating presentations or student handouts and minigames. Download our stuff. Give us a nice rating and, as always, give us your feedback.
  4. Check us out on teachertube, the youtube for teachers  – again, give us your comments
  5. Download our free app – Making Camp – on iTunes or Google Play and give us a review. That helps.
  6. Do you have a podcast play list a mile long? Listen to our podcast, More Than Ordinary and give us advice on style, content, future guests. We’d love to hear from you. You can also subscribe on Google Play or on iTunes.
  7. Are you a major gamer? Want to be a beta tester for new games? Email info@7generationgames.com – Just be aware that while we are happy to get your advice here, we have a lot already under development so while we will almost immediately fix any bugs you find, your idea for a new amazing game may not get actually implemented for six months or more because we need to finish games we are working on now.
  8. Do you have stories or videos that you think should be in our games? As far as Ojibwe, Dakota , Maya or other cultural/ historical stories, we generally rely on experts from those groups. We actually went to Belize to literally Meet the Maya (which is also the name of an upcoming game). However, the stories can be about anything that relates to math, language, geography.  We’re always happy to talk/ write. Email us at info@7generationgames.com
  9. Like taking photos? Send us pictures related to our games, say, of the states that Angie and Sam cross in Forgotten Trail, or you playing our games or anything related – buffalo, deer, turtles . We’re always looking for more instagram posts or math jokes for our photo and math joke of the day.
  10. Are you a social media star? Check out our twitter, instagram, snapchat and Facebook accounts, including our two Facebook live events we did so far. Give us your feedback on how to do better. Retweet us, follow us, share our posts. You can find all of our accounts conveniently aggregated here.
  11. Anything I left out? We’d like your advice on that, too.

We quit our day jobs and started this company in an effort to improve education for kids everywhere , whether they are educated on an American Indian reservation, in downtown Los Angeles or at home. We realize that is not a reasonable option for everyone, but if you have 5 minutes or so to help us with your talents, that would be great.

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2 thoughts on “10 Ways Your Talent Can Change the World

  • Elaine Allen

    I think you are right about people underplaying their talents. Now that I think about it, I do that all the time. I will make a point this week, when I find time, to work your list. I am looking forward to touring the offices in August. I am already praying I make it. I am so proud of all of you! Its so cool to see your dream a reality here Dr. Mars. I was thinking back in the 80s, I would have never imagined this.