NIEA – Postscript 2

Thank you for attending our presentation with our 7 Generation Games team, AnnMaria De Mars, Maria Burns Ortiz, Christy Hanson and Juliana Taken Alive.

Our trip to Omaha, NE had been in the works for ages and we made it. It was our pleasure to share what we’ve been researching and implementing in our Growing Math program.

Building STEM capacity in Indigenous nations: Research, Practice and Future Plans

Whether it’s funding, technology or curriculum, seldom do decision makers come to reservation schools and ask teachers or principals what they really need. Understanding that the most effective STEM learning to prepare students for success in the classroom – and the world outside it – is done in-context, this workshop brings together new research and classroom-ready solutions while exploring what’s still required to meet the needs of tribal youth.


Juliana Taken Alive, Growing Math
Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, National University
Christy Hanson, Growing Math
Maria Burns Ortiz, 7 Generation Games

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