How was AATC? 3

Thank you for attending our presentation with our 7 Generation Games team, AnnMaria De Mars, Maria Burns Ortiz and Christy Hanson.

AATC in Albuquerque, NM was lively. The annual Balloon Fiesta was on. Green chili harvesting and sales were at their peak. And as any local knows, it’s “Christmas year-round” in New Mexico, characterized by the red and green chili toppings found in all the local Tex-Mex restaurants. The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center featured their signature Indigenous cuisine (earthen oven bread, pies and stews) and tribal dances.

The annual harvest was in full swing. So was Growing Math, our research-led project delivering STEAM and agriculture lessons and games to teachers and students.

Growing Math: Engaging Students through integrating Indigenous culture, agriculture and mathematics

Dr. AnnMaria presented her and her team’s research from 2020 on the needs of Title I schools, which led to the formation of the Growing Math project, complete with hands-on activities and game design. Participants left with vetted, freely available resources that integrate math, agricultural science, environmental science and Indigenous history, culture and language. These resources are being developed specifically to meet needs identified by rural educators and to account for common barriers to technology implementation in rural communities.


Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, National University
Christy Hanson, Growing Math
Maria Burns Ortiz, 7 Generation Games

Land acknowledgment: We were on Pueblo heritage lands for the duration of our visit.

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