Please Pardon the Mess: New Site in Progress

If you are a regular visitor to our site, you might be thinking, “This looks different.” (Depending on when you happen to drop in, you might be politely adding in your head, “And bit of a mess.”) If it’s your first visit to our page, you might be thinking the same thing. 

Please bear with us as we are doing a MUCH needed (and much overdue) overhaul of our 7 Generation Games website. As a result, between now and Feb. 1, you might encounter missing links and/or pages that look a little off. But we promise that we are aware of the situation and are doing our best to get it fixed and looking better than ever with more information than ever that is easier to navigate and faster to load.

Our team is working away to get it done as quickly as possible:

In short, we’re in the process of taking the website version of this:

To this:

The good news is our site will only be getting better from this point on – so if you happen to stumble upon a page that is briefly the online version of a mess, we promise it will be all tidied up the next time you come visit.

In the meantime, please feel free to look around our new-look site. It’s literally looking better by the minute.

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