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We’re friends, right?

Let’s have a little heart to heart, shall we? We like you, you like us. Life is pretty good, overall. However, there’s one teeny issue. We have 11,000 kids playing our games and we know that is a tiny fraction of the kids who can benefit. Our friends, followers and fellow users are always telling us how great they think the games are. Here’s how you can help, and it’s super easy.

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We all get hundreds of emails, social media ads, etc. every day and we all do our best to ignore them. However, if a friend makes a recommendation, most of us will at least give it 30 seconds of attention.

3 Reasons to Get Making Camp for 3rd to 5th Graders

  1. Making Camp Ojibwe teaches multiplication, division and Ojibwe history. It’s free, so don’t say you can’t afford it. It also runs on Mac, Windows, iPad, Chromebook and Android so if it doesn’t run on your device, what the heck are you using?
  2. Making Camp Bilingual can be switched from English to Spanish with the click of a button. Whether you are teaching English language learners who need to learn math, or an intermediate / advanced Spanish class that you want to hear native speakers in context, it’s the best deal $1.99 can buy.
  3. Making Camp Premium includes language arts as well as math and history. Learn multiplication, division, idioms, synonyms and more. Yep, it’s only $1.99

All games come with their own virtual wigwam that you can outfit with everything from a deerskin to a puppy, purchased with the paints you earned answering problems in activities that teach math, English and history,

Wouldn’t you like the time kids spent on their iPads/ Chromebook/ phone be productive? So would we, which is why we made games where you can learn multiple subjects in multiple languages. 

Check us out!

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