There has always been math

Might as well start with a rant.

Crazy Horse “would often dismount, walk several steps from his horse, and kneel to take deliberate aim at the onrushing enemy…”

One point historical accounts of Crazy Horse agree on is that he was a deliberate thinker.

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So, do we honestly believe that Native American history and tradition did not include math? Do you really expect me to believe that a leader who was so careful that even in the middle of battle, he would take time to make sure the enemy was not too far away to waste a shot, that when he was deciding whether or not to attack an enemy force figured it out like,

“Oh, there’s a bunch of us and not so much of a bunch of them, let’s go for it. “

Many tribes were nomadic. They traveled regularly over territory that was hundreds of miles across. Somehow, they tended to show up wherever they were supposed to meet on time and didn’t run out of food on the way.

Do you expect me to believe that they just picked a random spot, wandered over there and waited until the band they were supposed to trade with showed up without any way of estimating time or distance?

When a hunting party killed buffalo, how did they know how much meat they could carry with them, how long it would take to skin a cow, the amount they could eat or preserve before it spoiled? Did they just guess, for several hundred years of history?

I found all of that very hard to believe. It makes no sense to me at all that “culturally based education” would not include math. So, ours does.

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