#WeArePlay, EdWeek and MPR: Good News Cubed

So I’ve got a bit of news to share. They say good things come in threes – and in the case of 7 Generation Games making headlines today, that was certainly true.

Featured as part of Google’s #WeArePlay

I knew this feature was coming out today – and I’m so glad it did because that means I can officially tell people that 7 Generation Games is part of it! #WeArePlay is “a new series featuring the people behind your favorite Google Play apps and games.” (Like us!) As part of the series, three app developers were selected from each state as a way to showcase the amazing and innovative apps being developed around the county. And we were one of the three selected for Minnesota.

MPR: More than just a game: Mpls. company strives to make culturally accurate, online learning tools

Today was also the day that another news story that I have been looking forward to being published/broadcast ran on Minnesota Public Radio.

Vicki Adame, a journalist who I have long respected since my days as a journalist myself, did a great feature on 7 Generation Games, looking at both the work we’re doing and the company that we have created. It even hit on the funding challenges of running a mission-driven tech company when you don’t “fit the mold” and even mentioned our community round. We’ve already had people reaching out to let us know they enjoyed both the story and learning about us through it as well asking how they can further support our work.

Education Week: How to Close the STEM Achievement Gap for Indigenous Students: Feature Local Culture

And finishing out the hat trick, I got an email notification that I had been mentioned in a story from Education Week. I knew a reporter had reached out before our ISTE research presentation, but I had thought it was going to maybe be part of a larger piece tied to ISTE. (Which that alone would have been cool!)

Imagine my surprise/joy when I saw the EdWeek story was just about our research and presentation on what educators working in rural schools serving Indigenous students felt their students needed to improve STEM performance. I have to commend the reporter on that piece for doing such a good job in condensing our research for a broader audience, while really capturing our findings. That’s an impressive task as a journalist when the subject matter is an academic research paper!

It’s exciting and inspiring to see our research getting picked up because part of what was important — to us as researchers and the people that we spoke to — was that hopefully our findings could help play even some small part in working toward progress.

We’ve been working really hard at 7 Generation Games, and it is really rewarding when other people are seeing that. A lot of the startup life is a grind that people don’t see, so it’s really awesome to have our work getting some recognition and being amplified and shared.

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