8 Questions about our Parenting Book & Family Textbook 3

Since several people have asked the same questions about the parenting book Maria and I wrote, and about our Family Textbook. I thought I’d answer them all at once in a blog post.

What’s the name of your book?

Parenting Like I Know What I’m Doing. We thought we might change it if we came up with a better idea later, but we didn’t.

You can get it here for $1.99

Will you talk about being the parent of a kid in sports/ gifted athlete?

Yes. There are several pages on that topic, but it is only one topic in the book.

Julia playing soccer

How is this different from the Family Textbook you wrote last year?

The person who did all of the work on the last book

The Family Textbook is a selection from our family group text, which has been going on for years. They range the gamut from how to dress your monkey (literally, this isn’t a euphemism for anything) to running a startup to Maria’s unsuccessful campaign to get AnnMaria to swear an acceptable amount for an executive of a gaming company. The parenting book is on, well, parenting.

In addition, as Maria will tell you if you pause for breath, Maria did 90% of the work on that one.

Does this mean I can get the Family Textbook , too?

Yes.  People who backed us at least $50 on Kickstarter received the Family Textbook a year ago as one of their rewards. Not only is the Kickstarter over, but we’ve already sent out the rewards AND released two games – AzTech: The Story Begins and AzTech: Meet the Maya. No thanks to you, I might add.

You can get it here, a year later, for $2.99 

The Kickstarter is over, but if you feel guilt about not backing us and would like to do good in the world to gain karma, if you sponsor Fish Lake or Spirit Lake ($100 each)  or Forgotten Trail ($50) for a classroom in the next month  we will send you a link to download the Family Textbook, too. Your guilt will be assuaged, the angels will love you and 30 kids will get a game.

Does the Parenting Book include pictures of your children?

Of course it does, our children are beautiful.


Also, geniuses.


If I read your book will my child become an award-winning author or Olympic athlete?

Maybe. If we could guarantee that, we would be charging you $30,000 for it. We can almost guarantee that reading our book will help you feel better about not knowing all the answers. That alone is worth the price.

Why does the parenting book cost less?

Two reasons:

1.We wrote it to get more people to come to our site, read our newsletters and learn about our games. (Thank you. It worked for you.)

2. It is a compilation of our favorite blogs on parenting we’ve written over the past 10 years, so it did not take us as long to put together as the Family Textbook which required significantly more graphic design, for Maria to write an introduction, for all 6 family members to read and agree, etc.

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