Math: A Worldwide Language

No matter where you are, there is a unique, universal, and knowledgeable language just about everyone innately knows. This language crosses cultural and language barriers and helps humanity to better understand our environment. That language is mathematics.

There are many reasons why knowing math is important. It helps us calculate dimensions, prices, and more. We use math every day although many times we don’t notice it. If mastering it brings us benefits, imagine the advantages of knowing mathematics in another language such as English, Chinese or any other language.

Studies indicate that thinking in another language gives us a broader perspective in the face of a problem, which is why we at 7 Generation Games created our AzTech series. AzTech supports math education Grades 3-7 with additional bilingual features.

AzTech: The Story Begins and AzTech: Meet the Maya are both based on the Aztec culture. Learners can set the language of choice, English or Spanish. These settings can be adjusted in each screen of the game, including text, audio, and video content.

Click here to learn more about our AzTech game series.

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